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It’s an exciting thing to be offered a solo show by a gallery. Last  year I joined the stable of artists at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, under the direction of Terri Lew. Terri has a great eye, a super cool gallery space and an independent spirit. So I was thrilled when she offered me a solo show in her gallery for September 2015. 

Yes, at the end of this month!

19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Mermaid Beach, QLD

I have been working my fingers to the bone this year in an effort to get a little World of Watts together to exhibit. Get a bland man in a suit to cut the ribbon: I am officially a one-woman manufacturing plant. But it’s so worth it.

This is the first official solo show or “Coming Out” for my Wallflower paintings, so I have called the show Debutante. 

For those of you who are new to my Wallflower series, it started with a question: is a Wallflower the one who shrinks into the background and becomes invisible? Or is it something that emerges from the wall, opening, blossoming, divulging its secrets? Perhaps beauty is more about the observer than the observed: if there is someone looking, then what is hidden may be revealed.

Breathing Dreams Like Air, 90cm x90cm


Holding the Rainbow, 80cm x80cm

Flower Girl

Debutantes, wallflowers, clinging vines, china dolls. These are all completely outmoded ideas of women. But if you revisit a place with new ideas, in fact when you look closely at anything that is familiar, it transforms into something unfamiliar, something new.


September 26 - November 14, 2015
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace
19 Karen Avenue, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

If you’re close by, come along to 

The Opening Night!
6pm - 8pm 
Saturday 26th September

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