Oil Painting 4 Week Course: Lesson Outline

I'm super excited to offer you a unique course in oil painting. The lessons will run across four sessions, 3-6pm, on alternating saturdays.

You will finish the course with 2 paintings completed and a wealth of information to continue painting this wonderful medium with confidence.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

WEEK 1: Drawing Studies

Hone your skills of observation, composition, scale, shape, direction.

Using your iphone, you will photograph a still life arrangement in the studio. You will learn how to find a focal point and the key elements in a scene, check their placement, and determine the format.

Using the photograph as reference, several drawing studies will be made as we discuss hacks and techniques to isolate tone, light and proportion.

How to prep your painting surface.

We will also talk about materials, and cost effective ways to start building your art arsenal! 


WEEK 2: Underpainting Techniques and the Science of Colour

We will start with some very handy tips on all things oil. You will learn how to read tube labels, different application techniques, best oil practices and materials, colour mixing theories including specific instruction on how to mix different hues, tones and chroma. Sounds deep and complex, but it’s not, it’s fun! 

You will work on two artworks with the following base:
1. A tradional monochromatic oil underpainting
2. A contemporary approach using an acrylic colour as the base.


WEEKS 3 & 4: Explorations in Oil Paint

Enjoy the beauty of thick buttery impasto oils. Learn different application techniques: impasto, fat-over-lean, scumbling, wet-on-wet, glazing... sinking in and oiling out. Plus lots of tips on colour-solving.

Instruction on palette knife application and how to get the most from your brushes.