I get many enquiries throughout the year regarding my commissions process. Here is a detailed outline of how it all works.

STEP 1   Get on The List!

Since I have many different projects on the go in the studio, I am not always able to start a commission immediately. If you would like a custom work, the first step is to email me at and I will pop you on my Waiting List.

STEP 2   The Brief

When I'm good to go, I'll contact you and take your brief. Sometimes this is a simple conversation over the phone, sometimes it's a very detailed email with reference pictures, sometimes it's a coffee, a chat and a tour of the studio.

STEP 3   The Parameters

There are 2 parameters that need to be met for me to accept a commissioned project. For Wallflowers, the painting size must be at least 80cm x 80cm ($3500 framed) For Pet Portraits, the painting size must be at least 30cm x 30cm ($750 unframed, painted edges). For all commissions, the subject matter must be consistent with my work. 

STEP 4   Sketches

You may like to see a couple of different sketches and ideas before I start painting. I can provide 2-3 pencil sketches, one of which will be worked up into a final comp for approval. This process attracts an additional fee of $500 AUD.
If you are after a version of a painting I have already done, there is usually no need for sketches, approvals, colour ways and alterations. The fee is waived if you are happy for me to take your brief and go for it.

STEP 5   The Fun Begins

I build your panel to size and start painting! You are welcome to visit the studio and see the work during its progress, but this is not for the faint of heart. Unfinished paintings don't look great, so I'd only recommend this for those of you who are curious about the process and not prone to panic!

STEP 6   The Painting Is Complete

Depending on several factors, the process from Brief to Complete is around 6-8 weeks. When the painting is complete, if you are local, you can come to the studio to see it. If you aren't, I will send you lots of photos.

STEP 7   Final Approval

If you are happy with the painting I have made, you will be invoiced, and then I'll take the painting to be framed. If you aren't happy, don't worry. There is no obligation to buy the work. I can simply offer it to someone else. While this is an unusual approach, I've found it to be great for both parties. It avoids all the hoo-ha around non-refundable deposits and pressured outcomes. In 15 years of making custom artworks, a painting has never been rejected... so far, the system works 😉

STEP 8   Delivery

Allow 3 weeks for framing. I will personally deliver to your door (no charge) if you live in the Sydney metro area and if I can fit your work in my car! I ship throughout Australia and worldwide, via road and air. Quotes are provided at the beginning of the job so you can factor it in to your budget.

STEP 9   All Done!

The painting will arrive at your door ready to hang. Pop a couple of screws in the wall, quit your day job, and stare at your new love forever x