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One of my favourite things about working as an artist is the community of creative people who surround me. Since our studio life is often solitary, artists like seeking each other out to give feedback, tip each other in to new opportunities and enjoy a cheeky chat in the studio.

This was the genesis of Sydney Road Gallery.

Several months ago I received a call from my friend and fellow artist Fiona Chandler. She had an idea she wanted to run by me: would I be interested in gathering artists together to showcase our works in our own gallery premises and disrupt the traditional gallery model? She had me at "disrupt".

As you know, I have gallery representation both in Australia and abroad. I have only recently returned from the most amazing solo show in Tokyo. I enjoy working with each of my galleries and my presence in their spaces opens my work to new audiences. But I am often left frustrated by the huge commissions galleries impose (in case you didn't know, standard commission is 50%) Now, I am not divulging this to disparage the gallery model - they need to make their business work - and this model works very well for artists who don't enjoy the social aspect of selling their work themselves.

But I'm not one of those artists. Please, I worked in advertising in New York for ten years. I enjoy meeting people. I want to interact directly. I'm mad for a chat. I LOVE knowing where my work has gone.

So, on June 7th 2017 a collective of 13 talented and motivated Sydney artists opened a new gallery space called Sydney Road Gallery. And it's AWESOME! 

Our collective are accomplished exhibiting visual artists from disciplines including painting, printmaking, textiles and sculptural basketry, who have come together to jointly open and manage a combined gallery space.

Three weeks in to the project, I couldn't be happier. Our work is flying off the walls, we are involved in every aspect of our business, we are meeting our buyers... we are in it together. 

Sydney Road Gallery 
563 Sydney Road,
Seaforth, NSW


Gallery hours: Thurs to Sat 10am to 4pm and Sun 9am-12pm
or by appointment

(opening night photos courtesy of Monique Tyacke)




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  • Your gallery liiks GREAT!

    Olga on
  • Well done! And FUN! I really wonder how artists are able to make it when having to pay the galleries (although I, like you understand that they need to charge in order to survive). And if I dont use a gallery (here in Sweden) but sell directly to costumers, what I get to keep after paying my taxes is 40 % of what the buyer pays :-) paying a gallerist on top of that feels a little too much.

    Olga on

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